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Professional Management Matters

ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION(AMO) are top class professional management companies that hold IREM’s corporate credential. Whether you’re an asset manager representing a large institutional portfolio, a condominium owner who’s part of a homeowners association, or anything in between, your property is a valuable and valued asset. When you entrust it to someone else to manage, you need absolute assurance that your best interests are being protected.

You need:

  • Boots on the ground, eyes on the property, and knowledge of the local market

With management company offices spread throughout North America bearing the AMO accreditation, you can find an AMO office that will stay on top of your property when you can’t, providing local expertise and bringing true market insight.

  • Someone you can trust, who puts your interests first

Professional management firms work on behalf of their clients, creating a level of confidence earned through experience and transparency. AMO Firms adhere to a Code of Professional Ethics, strictly enforced by IREM, so their integrity is beyond reproach.

  • A solid, stable company that’s thrived for years, with an unassailable reputation

Business and financial stability is a requirement for AMO accreditation – all AMO Firms are subjected to a thorough financial review. What’s more, half of all AMO Firms have been in business for more than 25 years, and more than 80 percent for over a decade. 




Alpha Barnes Real Estate Services II, LLC, AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
Ellis Homesource, AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
Huntahome, LLC, AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
Lincoln Property Co. , AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
LumaCorp Inc. , AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
Peloton Commercial Real Estate, LP, AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
Myan Management Group, LLC Southlake, TX AMO Headquarters
PPMS Dba Pinnacle, AMO Addison, TX AMO Headquarters
Principal Management Group , AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters
Procedeo, LLC, AMO Dallas, TX AMO Headquarters


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