The Five Core Mindsets of Relentless Performance


March 24, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Businesses and organizations around the world operate around goals—some of them immediate, and others focused on long-term success. But how do we keep our teams and our organization constantly pushing toward those goals to turn them into results? Steve shows you how to lock into a Relentless approach that gets results. As a bestselling author, top-2% national sales leader, 3rd degree black belt, and consultant helping major corporations gain a competitive advantage, Steve brings unstoppable energy and practical expertise to events.

Steve shows leaders and organizations how to develop Relentless mindsets and actions to unlock real, meaningful results with The Five Core Mindsets of Relentless Performance:


Tangible outcomes include:

  • Build easy-to-follow roadmaps to persist through challenges and deliver results.

  • Establish a daily cadence of “tiny steps” that grow into massive achievements.

  • Understand the brain science of leadership and uncover surprising truths how the

    mind can hold back potential.

  • Lock in a goal with stunning clarity and then develop a distraction-proof plan of


  • Overcome pain, discomfort, and barriers in order to seize opportunity.

  • Replace negative behaviors with success habits.

  • Build muscle memory to make the daily grind dead-simple.

  • Grow capacity to be Relentless in every pursuit.

About the speaker: 

Steve A. Klein

Steve Klein grew up in the Midwest, later attending college where he studied broadcasting and communications. He went on to work as a one- man news staff for a local radio station, quickly learning that those who become successful are those who do what everyone else doesn’t want to do. He was fired from his News Director role and quickly moved into a sales role, selling for the radio station.

His sales work, which saw him land over 400 referrals a month and reach the top 2% of salespeople nationwide, eventually inspired his bestselling book, Sell When You See the Whites of Their Eyes!

Steve eventually moved to Dallas, Texas, where he began giving powerful workshops to teams of ambitious sales teams. This began a decades-long career of speaking to top salespeople, businesses, organizations, and teams around the globe as he shares how to become relentless in achieving, exceeding, and redefining their goals in a constantly evolving landscape.

Combining the impressive presence of a radio and television broadcaster, the unmatched experience of a master salesman, and the fact-based approach of a diligent researcher, Steve brings memorable style and irreplaceable substance to every keynote he delivers.

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