VOLUNTEERING increases visibility among your peers and potential clients that gives you valuable business contacts. Volunteering provides recognition and enables you to give back to the industry and community you serve.  You can serve as much or as little as you like.  Conference calling is available.  You can choose to do certain projects within the committees. 

If you are an IREM Member and would like to Volunteer  CLICK HERE

Community Outreach

Be a part of the helping hand of IREM and take our Chapter’s community service to the next level. Plan events, secure resources and acquire staffing for projects that benefit our community and charities. Committee plans 4-5 events per year. Open to Members and Industry Partners.


The Education component plans all Chapter seminars, finds a complimentary venue and determines if lunch is provided. Communicates dates and times with the IREM Office prior to booking to make sure the Chapter Calendar does not have conflicts. Polls random members to find the most pressing issues and timely educational needs of members in the industry. Books presenters/facilitators based on topics that fit the member needs. The seminars should be diverse in all aspects of property management. Communicates presenter's needs to the IREM Office and obtains information for advertising the event. Responsible for reviewing all Dallas Scholarship applicants to make sure they qualify prior to sending the application back to the IREM Foundation. Open to Members and Industry Partners .


Determines the luncheon programs and engage interesting and knowledgeable speakers in Real Estate realm if possible. Poll via surveys or in person members to get a perspective on the subject matter of interest.  Communicates speakers AV needs, additional guests, obtains PowerPoints, communicates information to the IREM Office  such as description of presentation, bio and photos for advertising purposes. Introduces speakers at events and sends thank you notes.  Coordination of happy hour events and property tours 1-2 times per year.   Open to Members and Industry Partners.    

Diversity Outreach Task Force

The newly formed committee in is process of determining the scope and description of the Committee. 

Golf Tournament & Fundraiser

Be a part of the planning, coordination, promotion, and execution of this annual event including recruitment of players, sponsors and volunteer the day of. The Golf Tournement is the most successful fundraiser in IREM Dallas and has sustained for well over 20 years.  Open to Members and Industry Partners 

Industry Partners

This committee needs your efforts to work with and strengthen relations with industry suppliers by soliciting select vendors and serving them as an account representative during the year. Setting up a schedule for each Partner to run their article in the Newsletter and engaging them to write inspirational and informational articles that serve the membership. Soliciting the sponsorship opportunities and carving an advertising and involvement plan for each Partner interested in Participating as a Volunteer. Members only.

Income/Expense Analysis

Solicitation and collection of expenses analysis information for the IREM National's Income and Expense publication on office buildings, medical, shopping centers, multifamily, and retail centers.  The committee contacts the Real Estate Companies, in Office, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Multifamily to encourage them to fill out the forms and submit them to IREM HQ.  The booklet is an extremely important tool for property managers and Real Estate Companies. The committee forms in January and usually is finished by the end of April.

Membership & ARM Committee

Be part of the team who explore and implement the opportunities for more membership benefits as well as recruit and retain membership and participation in the organization. CPM members participate in the interview process which qualifies applicants for candidacy and reviews their qualifications for the coveted CPM designation. The CPM members on the committee performs the interviews and signs off on the qualifications. VP or Chair (CPM) communicates directly to IREM HQ. The Committee contacts all new members, plan and theme luncheons, set up greeters and, holds Candidate orientations – assign mentors for Candidates upon request. The Committee helps to recruit volunteers for other committees. The ARM Component performs the approval process for ARM applicants and submits the paperwork to IREM Headquarters.  Contact all new ARM members and existing ARM members to keep them engaged in the Chapter.  The ARM component coordinates and works the AAGD trade show.  Open to Members and Industry Partners.

Student & College Outreach/IREM Case Competition

Join this committee and be a part of the future. The main focus of this committee is to reach out and build relationships with High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities offering Real Estate programs,  Members of this committee will volunteer to speak to the Universities and Real Estate Clubs on behalf of IREM and Real Estate Property Management as a career.  An arm of this committee plans and implements The IREM Dallas College Case Competition between universities generally held in the spring. The competition offers Universities with Real Estate Programs a chance for a team of 4-6 students to win a $5000 award to split. The Committee engages the case writer, contacts the colleges and follows up with teams, sets committee meetings, finds the property for the case, sets the kickoff and judging dates and, finds judges and coaches for the event. The committee will work with the IREM Office in planning the luncheon where the winning team will be invited to present their case and be presented the check. The committee helps solicit advertising and works with the sponsoring committee to obtain sponsors for the event. In addition, the committee sets up property tours, presentations with selected colleges, and invites students to luncheons and events. Open to Members and Industry Partners

  • Committee Candidates must commit to monthly meetings and conference-in when meetings can’t be made in person


  • Participate in Presentations to Real Estate Clubs Local universities
  • Contact IREM student members and encourage participation in events
  • Help set up property tours and refreshments for interested students
  • Case Competition Tasks:
    • Procure a Case Writer
    • Help find a property to base the case upon
    • Solidify 5 qualified judges putting together bios and photos
    • Person to be Point of contact for judges and handles information flow
    • Solidify 2 coaches per team and at least 3 alternates in case of drop-outs
    • Point of contact for coaches and handles information flow
    • Point of contact for student teams and team leaders
    • Person will also obtain student resumes and help put together the resume book for judges – obtain all students contact information and chronicle
    • Solidify a place for the kick off meeting and judging to take place
    • Seek out a videographer for judging day and luncheon presentation day
    • Person to handle Marketing/brochures/advertising for website, newsletter and social media worthy copy
    • Person to commit to making copies as needed for case and resumes
    • Work with ED on location for the Case Presentation luncheon and logistics
    • Volunteer to document and take notes on activities and meetings
    • Volunteers who can help in all tasks above